A Visual Guide to Plain Bands by MM

What does a 2mm Band look like on a finger? We at Steven Singer are here to help!

14Karat White, Yellow, and Rose Gold plain bands come traditionally in MM measurements from 1mm-7mm. You can order a band in any millimeter you want. Most manufacturers carry up to a 10mm.  

When we talk about MM or Millimeters, what are we talking about?  

The MM of the band is how wide it appears on the finger. Some people prefer a thicker MM vs a thinner one. Thinner millimeter bands are considered more feminine and can be worn more easily in a stack. Thicker millimeter bands are easily worn alone and are considered more masculine.  

You may remember our Visual Guide to Diamond Studs, that showed you the size of each stud by total carat weight. We thought it would also be helpful to provide a visual guide to Plain Wedding Bands for you. Ring shopping online isn’t always the easiest, and we at Steven Singer Jewelers are here to help you on your journey as much as possible! 

We will be using the Roux Plain Band Collection to showcase Each MM from 1-7. 

What does a 1mm Band Look like?

What does a 1.5mm Band Look like?

What does a 2mm Band Look like?

What does a 3mm Band Look like?

What does a 4mm Band Look like?

What does a 5mm Band Look like?

What does a 6mm Band Look like?

What does a 7mm Band Look like?

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