How To Display Gold Dipped Roses?

Steven Singer’s gold and platinum dipped roses are too beautiful not to be displayed for the whole world to see! But how do you display these beautiful and unique roses? Steven Singer just released his new rose displays. These brand new, patent pending displays are designed to show off the entire rose and hold up to a dozen gold or platinum dipped roses at the perfect angle.

Is Hand Sanitizer Bad for Jewelry?

With everything going on in the world today, washing hands and using hand sanitizer are an important part of everyone’s daily routines, but is it safe to use while wearing jewelry? The short answer is hand sanitizer is not going to cause any long-term damage to jewelry. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure your jewelry is not on the list of things to worry about. The good

How Do You Clean Gold Dipped Roses?

If you’re a passionate collector of Steven Singer’s famous 24kt gold dipped roses or maybe just started your collection, you probably have them on display making everyone who sees them jealous. That means you need them looking shiny and new, just like the day you got them. But just like anything, dust and dirt can build up over time. So, how do you clean the gold dipped roses? The best

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts

Steven Singer has been in the Jewelry business for over 35 years, so you can trust he knows a thing or two about Valentine’s Day gifts. Shop Steven’s Collection of Top 12 Gifts guaranteed to knock her socks off this Valentine’s Day. Silver Love Note Diamond Necklace Diamond jewelry is music to any girl’s ears, especially for Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, you don’t have to belt out a love song, this necklace

Top Holiday Gifts

Top Holiday Gifts Looking for the perfect gift this holiday? Steven Singer Jewelers has your back with 20 of the top holiday gifts. Diamond jewelry is always number one so why not give her what she wants… jaw dropping gifts that she will be proud to show off all year long. Venus Ready for Love Diamond Engagement Ring $4498 Ready to pop the question and give the ultimate gift this

What NOT to do During a Best Man Speech

Congratulations! You received the title of Best Man and along with that title comes a Best Man Speech. We’ve all heard some exceptional speeches along with some cringe worthy ones. The only thing worst than watching someone bomb on their speech in front of a wedding crowd is being that person. With that being said, don’t be that person! Here are the top 10 things NOT to do during a

What is Diamond Fluorescence?

A diamond fluorescence is when a diamond emits a luminescent glow when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. It will most likely appear in various intensities of blue but can also glow in a variety of other colors. Approximately 1/3 of all diamonds display some degree of fluorescence. Is It Good or Bad? Some people believe that fluorescence in a diamond is a bad thing and can make the diamond appear