Simple Proposal Guide for New Year’s Eve

Simple Proposal Guide for New Year’s Eve

Here is your Guide to the Perfect Engagement Proposal this New Year’s Eve

If you’re thinking of proposing, you should make sure you’re on the same page as your Partner. Consult mutual friends or ask directly if you don’t plan on keeping it a surprise. This feels like a no-brainer, but this is vital before you start the proposal process.

Jewelry to Treat Yourself to this Holiday Season

Who said someone must give you jewelry? Why not treat yourself? Let us rephrase that, you should treat yourself this holiday with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Let’s face it, you deserve it!

When you buy yourself diamond studded jewelry, it allows you to set the tone for what kind of pieces you expect to receive in the future, namely your engagement ring. Knowing that you like yellow gold versus white gold, or that you enjoy the look of a princess-cut diamond over a classic round brilliant cut can go a long way. Jewelry is a perfect way to show off your unique style.

What is a divorce ring?

I’ve ditched my bridal set, but now what? Divorce rings have become increasingly more popular in the last few years as a way of transition during major life change.

Divorce rings are bands selected by you to bring you joy during a difficult time. These rings can help with that phantom feeling of something missing on that finger. There is also no rule for these bands. They can be whatever style you want. These rings will help you find closure to what has been an extremely important chapter of your life.

Marry Me Chicken

The ‘Marry Me’ dinner is a modern-day engagement ritual. In the 1980s a Fashion Magazine editor reported that she made a roasted chicken for her boyfriend. He apparently was so impressed by her chicken, that a month later he boyfriend proposed. This editor then shared the recipe with her assistant and her boyfriend then proposed a month later. The recipe was then shared with three other co-workers who had as you guessed, the same results.

Moissanite vs Diamonds

How does Moissanite differ from diamonds?

Shakespeare asked: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…?” Would a diamond by another name sparkle just as bright? What about a stone that wishes it would be a diamond? Moissanite turned up in the culture conversation on Pinterest as a “life hack;” it is a stone that looks like a diamond but is a fraction of the cost.

Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

Popular Must Have Jewelry Pieces that will put a smile on anyone’s face this coming holiday season.

We at Steven Singer Jewelers feel that holiday shopping shouldn’t be a hassle. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite go to items that will make your holiday checklist a few items shorter.