What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold, sometimes referred to as pink gold or red gold, is a type of metal used to make jewelry. It is created by mixing the metals gold and copper. Rose gold has not only become popular in the jewelry world, but also as a trendy color for electronics, accessories, makeup, and more.

Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation season! Congratulations to the class of 2022!  Here are some great graduation gift ideas:  1) Diamond Studs:  A college degree is forever. Why not say that with diamonds? Plus, our diamond studs are lifetime upgradable. Meaning any achievement can be celebrated with an upgrade. Start small for a bachelor’s and you can upgrade later for a master’s degree making for a perfect lifelong graduation gift. 2) Gold Roses: 

Gifts For Mom

Tired of getting mom the same old grocery store flowers for Mother’s Day? Don’t know what else to get? Here are some gift ideas any mom is guaranteed to love.   1) A Gift That Keeps on Giving   Get an upgradable piece of diamond jewelry. At Steven Singer Jewelers, we have an unbeatable lifetime upgrade policy on center diamonds, diamond studs, and solitaire pendants. That means you can trade in your


At Steven Singer Jewelers, we make gift giving for someone you love easy. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and flowers are the most popular gift for Mom. Why spend your hard-earned money on regular flowers that will die a week later? We have the perfect solution! A real rose dipped and preserved in real gold, guaranteed to last a lifetime.   Our famous gold dipped roses are dipped in

What is the Importance of Jewelry Insurance?

Jewelry insurance can sometimes be overlooked, but if you love your jewelry and it’s important to you, you should definitely have it insured. Think about it, it’s common to insure the most valuable things in our lives like our cars, homes, and even ourselves. So, why wouldn’t your precious jewelry be on that list? Don’t wait until it’s too late to purchase jewelry insurance!