What is a divorce ring?

I’ve ditched my bridal set, but now what? Divorce rings have become increasingly more popular in the last few years as a way of transition during major life change.

Divorce rings are bands selected by you to bring you joy during a difficult time. These rings can help with that phantom feeling of something missing on that finger. There is also no rule for these bands. They can be whatever style you want. These rings will help you find closure to what has been an extremely important chapter of your life.

Steven Singer Jewelers’ Luxury Gifts that Give Back

At Steven Singer Jewelers, it is important to us to give back and support local charities. We have created a few pieces where a portion of each piece sold goes directly to the charity. Just another reason to LOVE Steven Singer.

Throughout the years, Steven has donated over $1 millions to 9/11 and other national as well as local charities. We will continue to expand and give back to our communities.

Yellow Gold Jewelry

Yellow gold jewelry once again is eclipsing white gold in popularity. White gold wasn’t widely available until the 1910s when jewelers discovered how to add certain alloys to the gold to make it whiter, which is naturally yellow. Jewelry set into gold prior would have been set in Yellow Gold. If jewelry that was silver prior to the 1910s, would have been just that, Silver.