Diamond Jewelry Trends 2023

Diamond Jewelry Trends 2023

You should add these staple pieces to your jewelry collection this year for a simple refresh! Wear these pieces alongside what you already have or rock them solo.

Pinky Rings

Stackable rings have had their moment. Now it’s time to accessorize every finger and not just one. The 80s are back in fashion and so is the pinky ring. That means signet rings galore.  Don’t ditch your stack, just accentuate your already glittering fingers with this simple addition.

Colored Diamonds

You can thank J. Lo for this one.

Bright colorful jewelry is a thing of maximalism, and the 80s were a decade that thrived on that, which meant mixed patterns and colorful jewelry.

Colored stones are an easy way to add a pop of color to any look, neutral or otherwise. Colored stones have also seen a surge due to the current popularity of Toi Et Moi, thanks to Megan Fox and Ariana Grande being the most recent celebrities flaunting the style.

Huggie aka Ear Cuffs aka Mini Hoops

Hoop earrings are back in style. Rock this classic look with a bit of a twist, go micro instead of macro. Not sure what kind of huggie you’d enjoy?

Jeweler Stephanie compiled a list of her favorite pieces!

Paperclip Everything

Chunky or slim, the paperclip chains are the perfect accent to any jewelry assemble. They look amazing layered with other chains or worn solo. Layered necklaces, like stackable rings, have been a trend that has lasted over the last couple of years. Update a classic style with this statement piece and you will keep your look fresh and on point without sacrificing your signature flair!

Whatever piece you choose to add to your collection you'll be on trend for this year!


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