DON'T Use Chemicals

Chemicals can damage and remove the gold plating and coating of the rose. We recommend using the Steven Singer rose cleaning cloth or a slightly damp cloth to wipe it down and remove the dust and dirt that can build up over time.

DON'T Submerge

We understand dirt and dust can get caught into those tiny crevices of the rose. Do not submerge or dip the rose in water or any other cleaning products. We suggest using a Q-tip, the corner of your cloth, or even an air duster can to get into those smaller areas.

DON'T Forget to Register Your Warranty

If something happens to your original rose, Steven Singer Jewelers will replace it for free within the first year. Register your warranty so it’s taken care of after that. This warranty is on the original rose purchased only. After the first year, a processing fee of $19.95 will be applied.

DO Build Your Bouquet

Celebrate life’s moments by adding a gold dipped rose to your growing collection. Steven Singer releases brand new rose colors each year to make it easy! If you need help picking the perfect color to celebrate your special occasion, the Steven Singer team is there for you.

DO Display Proudly

Steven created exclusive displays designed specifically for his gold and platinum dipped roses. The sturdy acrylic material is made to show off the entire beauty of each and every rose. A real rose dipped in real gold needs to be on display for the whole world to see!

DO Use Steven Singer's Cleaning Cloth

These famous gold and platinum dipped roses last forever! So keep them looking brand new for just as long too! This exclusive two sided cleaning cloth removes the built up dust and dirt keeping each rose looking shiny and new.

Lifetime Guarantee

All of Steven's gold and platinum dipped roses are protected for the first year against any damage. Steven Singer Jewelers will repair or replace the rose and all shipping is free. After a year, they will repair or replace the rose for a processing fee of $19.95.


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    I purchased 11 roses for my wife. And she loves the roses. My wife would like the rainbow colored rose that you once had. Please make that color again so I can complete her collection. Thank you.

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      Hi Matthew! Thank you for the request. We are in the process of remaking the rainbow rose. Stay tuned for this color’s come back.

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    I have 11 of the roses and I am anxiously waiting for the new roses to be released to complete the dozen. Do you have the release date for the new selection?

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      Hi Jen, that’s so exciting you’re almost at a full dozen gold dipped roses. We will be releasing our brand new rose color at the beginning of Jan. We release a new color for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day seasons.

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      Hi Michael! We are working on restocking the rose colors that are out of stock. We would suggest adding yourself to waitlist to be notified as soon as it’s back in stock. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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