Engagement Rings for Each Zodiac Sign

Your romance is written in the stars! Why not have an engagement ring that reflects your astrological sign?


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. This fiery sign blazes brightly and needs a ring to complement its shine. The perfect match for this sign is a pear-shaped diamond with a halo, which is an added ring of diamonds for all the extra sparkle. The pear shape mimics flames, which any fire sign would love. Any Aries will be drawn to the uniquely shaped diamond to show off just how glamorous they are.


Taurus is the most luxurious sign of the Zodiac. They are the signs that the planet Venus sits most comfortably in. Venus aligns with the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. The perfect ring for this sign is a solitaire oval diamond set in 14-karat yellow gold. Oval diamonds have soft edges that feel lavish. By keeping it simple with this elegant design you will never disappoint the Taurus in your life.


Gemini is the twin star, and you may be thinking that this sign would love a Toi et Moi ring; this style of ring is a two-stone engagement ring that usually has both you and your loved one’s birthstone. Except Gemini doesn’t love to share the spotlight. Dazzle them with an emerald-cut diamond with a hidden halo. Emeralds are a classic cut, and the hidden halo adds just the perfect amount of sparkle just for them.

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Cancer is the mother figure of the zodiac. It is also the sign associated with the moon. Keep it simple when it comes to wooing your Cancer. A classic solitaire setting with a signature round brilliant diamond is a match made in heaven for this sign.


You’d be very mistaken about getting a Leo anything simple. It’s lucky for you that Art Deco rings are back in fashion. These rings tend to be flashier while still being timeless. This Art Deco revival ring set in 14-karat yellow gold is the perfect way to ask the Leo in your life: ‘will you marry me?’



Virgo is another sign that likes to keep things a bit understated. Don't take simplicity for boredom. Add a little twist by choosing a cushion-cut diamond. This squared stone has soft edges and a massive amount of sparkle that your down-to-earth Virgo will love to wear in contrast to their natural wardrobe.



Although they are an air sign, Libras like to shine like Leos. Their engagement ring should sparkle, sparkle, and sparkle. A simple way to get all the added dazzle is to have a double halo. With this style of ring, your center diamond is surrounded by not one, but two rings of diamonds. The band on this ring has twisted sides all encrusted with diamonds. This should be enough bling to get your Libra to say ‘yes.’


Scorpios are a moody water sign. If you’re lucky enough to pin down this sign, you’ll know they don’t open up easily. Keep it simple but trendy for this zodiac sign. This rose gold band has small cluster diamonds that will show them just how much they sparkle to you.



Sagittarius is a fire sign known for not wanting to waste their time or energy. This two-toned on-trend statement ring is the perfect bold statement ring for any Sagittarius. It will be noticed on their finger, which will allow them to not needlessly answer any questions about their relationship status.


This antique-inspired engagement ring screams Capricorn. The tapered side baguettes are a delicate detail your meticulous Capricorn will love. The classic round brilliant at the center is elegant and simple. It’s a no-fuss engagement ring, which is exactly what your Capricorn will love.


People like to think of Aquarius as the most aloof or “not-like-other-girls” sign of the Zodiac family, but they are very practical. You can easily go over the top with their ring, but they are better off with a little twist on a classic. This solitaire round brilliant diamond mounting has a plain twisted band that is to die for and is unique enough to put a smile on any Aquarius’ face.


Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac wheel. They are a water sign, and a lot of people feel an unconventional choice of a sapphire center stone is the way to go. We feel that an Emerald three-stone ring with side baguettes is the better way to charm this romantic sign. Emeralds are cut like glass, so they can gaze into them like pools of water. Bestill their heart with this past, present, and future classic engagement ring.

If you want to be a bit more unconventional, you can always match the ring to your partner's venus sign in their birth chart versus their sun sign. By swapping birth charts you get to know a bit more about each other, which is equally romantic. Venus is the planetary placement that not only speaks to our dating lives but how we relate to the world aesthetically. By taking into consideration your partner's unique and individual personality traits, you will be able to pick out the perfect ring for them!

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