Rings are NOT just for Engagements!

When we think of rings, generally our first thought is engagement rings. While engagement rings are considered one of the most important rings we will ever wear, aside from our wedding bands, they are not the only rings we will ever wear.  

Fashion Rings are exactly how they sound. They are stylish rings to be worn every day, and on any finger.  

At Steven Singer Jewelers, we rounded up our favorite statement making rings for everyday wear: 

This ring is a favorite of our Expert Jeweler, Gigi. She has this very ring in her own personal collection. It is one of her go-to’s for every day. The overlapping gold and diamond give them a modern twist on a cocktail ring. Personally, we here at Steven Singer, love all the added bling we can get for our day to day.  

Speaking of added Bling! 

This 7-Row diamond pave band is about 1 carat total weight. That’s a whole lot of diamonds! The Lulu ring is perfect to dress up any finger for any occasion. If you love to make a statement, this ring is for you. 

Stackable rings are here to stay! 

This 5-Stone halo diamond band is the perfect addition to any stack. It is also large enough to be worn on its own. Halos are a style that will never go out of fashion, as who doesn’t want their diamonds to look larger? 

If you're interested in learning more about the stackable ring trend OR educating yourself about halo rings...

This lovely stackable cluster ring is perfect for a subtle way to add some sparkle to your day to day. Expert Jeweler Ashley Carey loves to wear a dainty ring on each finger every day. She has built her collection over the years to reflect her personal style. This ring could be the perfect start to your collection.  

Love the look of Gigi’s favorite ring? Here is a more subtle version. 

This entwined diamond band is chunky enough to make a statement, while still being perfect for the office.  

Criss Cross Diamonds are on trend this year. Want a simple node to the style of the moment? This twisted band will keep you on trend while staying classic.    

We here are Steven Singer are fans of building a jewelry collection you can grow with. All these pieces are perfect additions to any collection or are a great place to start! 

Looking to Start Shopping? Or have a different style you’re looking for? 


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