A proposal is something girl dreams about her whole life. How is he going to ask? Where is it going to happen? What is the ring going to look like? With all these things racing through your mind, when that moment actually came, it exceeded anything Andrea could have ever dreamed of. Her engagement was perfect.

Fall is Andrea and Matthew’s favorite time of year. There is something that screams love is in the air. With that being said, their engagement happened in the fall. They were together for three years and headed up to the Finger Lakes, NY to celebrate their anniversary. Her now husband Matthew is one for romance, well he tries. He has never been good at keeping secrets or hiding things, which isn’t a bad thing at all. But when it comes to keeping a surprise like this, let’s just say he tried.

matthew and andrea engagement

They rented a beautiful Airbnb on the lake. The sun was setting, the sky was colorful and it was the ideal setting for a proposal. Matthew was eager to take a photo by the sunset. That was Andrea’s first clue. That man has never asked to take a photo a day in his life. Knowing it could be happening, of course Andrea needed to look good. She was picking out the ideal outfit, doing her hair and makeup when the doorbell rang. It was the pizza man. That was her second clue. When the food arrived, it remained untouched. The suspicions were confirmed. Matthew was going to propose.

matthew and andrea engagement finger lakes

andrea engagement ring

Trying not to act weird, they went outside to finally take the photo. When he put his arm around Andrea, she could feel his heart beating out of his chest. The nerves started kicking in. “This is it” Andrea thought. “I’m getting engaged”. Matt got down on one knee and said a few words. Completely distracted by the ring and in the moment, Andrea could not remember anything he said except those four words… will you marry me? He slid the ring on the finger and Andrea almost tackled him to the ground with excitement. Her then boyfriend was now her fiancé. They called their family and friends to share the news and spent the rest of their weekend celebrating in the Finger Lakes.

The celebrations didn’t end in the Finger Lakes. As they were driving home, Andrea could not stop replaying the weekend. Her mind was distracted with everything that happened and little did she know, Matthew had another surprise up his sleeve. As they were pulling up to their house, all of their closest friends and family were there waiting outside for them. Andrea was completely surprised when she saw everyone. Bursting into tears from all the love she felt that weekend, not only from Matthew but from everyone involved to make that special moment unforgettable. Feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, her engagement was nothing short of perfect and her ring surpassed anything she could have ever dreamed of.

andrea and matthew fiance

The Finger Lakes will always have a special place in their hearts. Not only did they get engaged there, but got married there as well. It has become their special place where they will continue to celebrate their love story together.

andrea and matthew wedding at finger lakes


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