Top Valentine's Day Gifts

Steven Singer has been in the Jewelry business for over 35 years, so you can trust he knows a thing or two about Valentine's Day gifts. Shop Steven's Collection of Top 12 Gifts guaranteed to knock her socks off this Valentine's Day.

Top Holiday Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday? Steven Singer Jewelers has your back with 20 of the top holiday gifts Diamond jewelry is always number one so why not give her what she wants... jaw dropping gifts that she will be proud to show off all year long.

Push Present Gift Ideas

After nine months of weight gain, mood swings and hours of labor pains, doesn't she deserve a beautiful token of your appreciation? Well, we think so too, and at Steven Singer Jewelers we have just the right gifts to help commemorate this incredibly special occasion. Push present range from the practical to the extraordinarily lavish, you decide.

How are Steven Singer Gold Dipped Roses Made?

Steven Singer’s famous 24 karat gold dipped roses made of a real rose and real gold. Like many, you may be picturing a living rose getting dipped into liquid gold. But, of course, that would be impossible and the rose would disintegrate instantly. The rose goes through an intricate process to preserve them to last forever.