What do Rose Colors Mean?

Our famous 24kt gold dipped roses are the perfect way to celebrate special moments. They are made of a real rose, dipped and preserved in real gold, guaranteed to last a lifetime. But what color should you get? Does each color have a meaning? Here’s an ultimate guide on the Gold Rose Color Meanings.  

V-Day Red – This is the most classic color for roses and is our most popular. Red says ‘I Love You’ in a bold passionate way. Red also symbolizes respect, courage, beauty, and passion. We suggest this color for those just starting their collection.   

Ruby Red - This rich red rose is enhanced by some added glitter. A glittering red is an enchanting way to say we have an unbreakable love.

Burgundy – This sophisticated dark red can symbolize beauty, wealth, and power. It can also represent deep passion. Just like a fine wine, this hue will make for an elegant gift.  

I Love You – This is another classic color! Light pink is a more refined way to say “I Love You.” It is all about appreciation and perfect happiness. Want someone special to know their love makes you happy? Then pink is the way to go!   

Pink ChampagneChampagne is used to commemorate and celebrate joyous occasions. This color is no different. When they pop open the box to reveal the sparkly pink petals, unlike champagne, this glitzy rose will be cherished forever.   

Purple Passion - The meaning of Purple colored gold roses is to represent a symbol of royalty, luxury, and devotion.  Make your loved ones feel royal with this charming rose.   

Sweet Love – This lavender gold rose color meaning encapsulates grace, elegance, and enchantment. Who says love at first sight doesn’t exist? Part of the magic of enchantment is being taken away by the passions of romance. this color makes the perfect gift for any sweetheart in your life.  

Frosted Lilac - This lilac rose is the perfect way to show affection towards the new love of your life. Or let them know you remember how it felt when you first met, like a new romance about to bloom.

PeriwinkleRich in color, a purple-blue, will take their breath away. This rose will tell your partner that not only do you appreciate and love them, but you think they are uniquely regal. This is perfect for anyone in your life whose love-language is words of affirmation.

Baby Blue - This color represents sensitivity and loyalty. The pale blue color will show her just how much she is loved and appreciated.  

Twinkle Twinkle  - Unsure of your status? Give this to a person that you see as unique and wonderful, who knows where things will lead even if they at first feel unattainable. This dark blue rose sparkles like the night sky and will make this person feel like a star.   

Royal Sapphire – This rich blue rose evokes wisdom and regality. Want to be crowned the “best gift giver?” Then show her how much you admire her wit and charm with this rose.   

Hello Bluetiful – This color minty-blue represents mystery. Not sure what to say? Just tell her that she's beautiful by bringing home this sparkly rose.  

Emerald City – The green rose stands for luck! And our Emerald City Green rose is not just lucky, it’s magical! The petals sparkle and shine like a mystical kingdom. You don’t have to click your heels three times or be the Oz of gift giving, my dear. This green rose will take you home!

Mint – This color is minty fresh! While green roses can symbolize good luck, light green represents abundance and beauty. This color creates a sense of stability and balance. This rose can also be a symbol for new beginnings, rebirth, and rejuvenation. Talk about a breath of fresh air.

Sunshine Yellow – This color is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. Not only does yellow hold the warmth of the sun, but yellow roses also mean cheerfulness and represent friendship. Nothing but warm and bright feelings when you send this color rose.   

CreamsicleOrange roses are the perfect way to say you are proud of your love. It symbolizes desire, enthusiasm, and pride. Our creamsicle rose is sure to melt the hearts of anyone you give it to.   

 Just Peachy – This peach rose is a great way to show appreciation and gratitude. It can also be a symbol of modesty and sincerity in love. Give her a gift that will show her that you think she is soft, sweet, and pretty.  

Frozen - This cream rose is dusted with glitter to glisten and shine like freshly fallen snow. This rose color stands for thoughtfulness, grace, and charm. Freeze a moment in time you want to remember with this lovely rose perfect for any occasion.    

Sugar WhiteWhite roses are a symbol of young love, purity, and innocence, purify. White is a sign of eternal loyalty and everlasting love. Pair a white rose with a black rose for a tuxedo look as a reminder of a wedding day.   

Stardust - The meaning of this grey gold rose is glamour and sophistication and has tiny sparkles that resemble stardust. This gift will take her out of this world! 

Black Diamond - Black roses represent change and courage. Often associated with death, black can also speak to new beginnings in a hopeful, courageous, and confident way. This rose is often a bold choice.  

Rainbow - A modern, man-made coloring, that carries with it all the meanings of all the colors. Don’t know what to say? Say it all with a rainbow rose. This rose is the perfect gift to send thoughts of hope, happiness, and universal love!  

Classic Platinum - This Platinum dipped rose is completely dipped in platinum and is the perfect combination of luxury and love. 

Classic Gold - This 24kt gold dipped rose symbolizes respect and eternal love. Get her a real rose dipped in gold that will last as long as your love.  

Classic Rose Gold - This 24kt Rose Gold color means romance and refinement. Rose Gold is a pink gold finish and put a romantic twist on a the classic yellow gold.  

Hopefully our guide on the Gold Rose Color Meanings has been helpful in your search for the perfect rose! And once you buy one, be sure to check out our Rose Care Guide to ensure your rose retains its beauty long after the purchase date. If you have any more questions on what the perfect gift may be for you or a loved one, feel free to reach out to any of our expert jewelers in store or on the phone!

Ready to start shopping?  


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