Hearts are Forever

At Steven Singer Jewelers, we are in the business of love. And what better way to say "I Love You" than with heart jewelry. Here are some of our favorite of heart shaped pieces to help showcase your love. 

Sublimely Subtle!

For a subtle everyday nod to the heart, we recommend our Dallas Mirage Heart Diamond Ring paired with our Mirage Infinite Double Heart Diamond Earrings. This set is not overly heart shaped and is a simple way to wear hearts every day without having them be obvious. I personally love it set-in rose gold, which is a pink gold. It is perfect for those who love, love! 

Bling Bling! 

Solitaire pendants are a staple for any jewelry collection, but sometimes we need to make a bit more of a statement. Our Mirage Heart Diamond Necklace Collection sparkles like no other. Each round brilliant diamond is surrounded by high polished metal giving it tons of wow along with making it appear larger. 

Capture Their Heart!

Valentine’s Day is not the only day to say ‘I Love You.’ In fact, it’s even more romantic to give gifts at random times. You can make any day a little special with a little sparkle. Our Ring of Hearts Diamond Necklace will capture their heart.  

The circle shape means endless and the heart means loves! Put that together and you got a piece of jewelry that is a symbolize of your endless love.


Wreaths are a symbol of festivity. They are the perfect way to know that the seasons have changed to display your holiday cheer. Show your love of anything festive with our Golden Hearts Wreath Diamond Necklace. This beautiful necklace has two rows of alternating solid gold hearts and round brilliant diamonds for a little sparkle.  

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