Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

Popular Must Have Jewelry Pieces that will put a smile on anyone’s face this coming holiday season.

We at Steven Singer Jewelers feel that holiday shopping shouldn’t be a hassle. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite go-to items that will make your holiday checklist a few items shorter.

Drops of Jupiter  

Bracelets are always a great gift. We often think of chain diamond bracelets as an every day jewelry piece, but our current favorite is the Drops of Jupiter. This charming piece features halo set diamonds that will add a little sparkle to any look without being as classic as a tennis bracelet. It will be the perfect accent for any outfit.

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Shop the Matching Set

You can plan out the next couple of years of gifts with this set. OR if they already have an item on this list, you can accent it with a companion item.

A Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Pair with Diamond Hoops!

No set is complete without a matching Tennis Necklace.

Upgradable Classics  

Love the Classic Tennis look? BUT want something a bit more understated? Try pieces they can grow with.

Our Solitaire Pendants, Diamond Studs, and Center Diamonds are part of a lifetime upgrade program we offer here at Steven Singer Jewelers. We guarantee that items purchased with us will retain their value, which you can apply towards an upgraded diamond later on. These items can grow with your loved one through any special occasion.

Need help visualizing our diamond stud carat weights? We've laid out a guide for you here: A Visual Guide to Diamond Studs by Carat Weight

Give them the Stars 

Nothing says, “I Love You” and that you are special, like our Out of this World Collection. This category was designed with the stars in mind. No two stars, like snowflakes, are the same and neither is your loved one. Gift them this bracelet and necklace combination to remind them just how much you cherish them.

Make a Statement: 

Choosing a piece of jewelry can feel like a monumental decision. How do you tell the difference between an item that’s just trendy for the moment? Or that is a true classic?

Our Diamonds by the Yard collection was born out of a trend that is quickly turning into a classic look. Our Classic Bezel Station necklace is the perfect gift for any fashionista in your life this holiday.

Always Here to Help! 

Ready to start shopping? Schedule an appointment with one of our Expert Jewelers! You can also reach us any time at (215) 627-3242 with any questions. 


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