If you’re a passionate collector of Steven Singer’s famous 24kt gold dipped roses or maybe just started your collection, you probably have them on display making everyone who sees them jealous. That means you need them looking shiny and new, just like the day you got them. But just like anything, dust and dirt can build up over time. So, how do you clean the gold dipped roses? The best way to clean them is with Steven’s rose cleaning cloth that is specifically designed to clean the gold and platinum dipped roses.

How to Safely Clean Gold & Platinum Dipped Roses

Steven’s rose cleaning cloth is safe to use on both gold and platinum dipped roses. Just open the inner white cloth and gently clean down the stem, on the leaves and through the petals to remove the dust and dirt. It’s that’s simple! The cloth will also shine and polish the gold or platinum on the rose. This exclusive cloth can be added to your next Steven Singer rose purchase for just $7 or just reach out to Steven Singer Jewelers to place an order separately.

There are other ways to clean your rose if you do not yet have one of the cleaning cloths. You can take a duster or lightly damp cloth to wipe it down and a Q-tip to get into the small spaces between the petals. It is also safe to use a compressed air can to blast out the dust throughout the petals. Just remember to never submerge the rose in water or expose it to any chemical cleaners as it could damage the rose.

Rose Cleaning Cloth to clean gold dipped rose

Lifetime Guarantee

Steven Singer’s gold and platinum dipped roses all come with a lifetime guarantee and lifetime warranty. If something happens to the rose or if for any reason it is not holding up the way it should, just reach out to Steven Singer Jewelers and they will help you through the replacement process. These are real roses dipped in real gold from a real jeweler you can trust! No one does gold dipped roses better!


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