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Jewelry to Treat Yourself to this Holiday Season

Jewelry Trends 2022

Steven Singer Jewelers’ Guide to Must Jewelry:

Who said someone must give you jewelry? Why not treat yourself? Let us rephrase that, you should treat yourself this holiday with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Let’s face it, you deserve it!

When you buy yourself diamond studded jewelry, it allows you to set the tone for what kind of pieces you expect to receive in the future, namely your engagement ring. Knowing that you like yellow gold versus white gold, or that you enjoy the look of a princess-cut diamond over a classic round brilliant cut can go a long way. Jewelry is a perfect way to show off your unique style.

The question is where to start?

Building a jewelry collection can seem default. Start off with Earrings!

Our Anita Diamond Stud Earrings are the perfect place to begin. The nice thing about them is through your lifetime upgrade program they can grow with you. You can start with .25total carat weight studs when you get your dream job or graduate from college and upgrade them with each life milestone like a big promotion! You worked hard to get to where you are, so treat yourself!

Gold Hoops and Studs!

Not big on diamonds? You can never go wrong with classic 14karat yellow gold studs and hoops! These pieces are timeless and can be mixed and matched with any outfit day to night.

While Permanent Bracelets are on the Rise; here are our suggestions on pieces you can put on and take off for whatever mood you’re in!

Stay on Trend with our Evil Eye Bracelet

This simple 14karat yellow gold bracelet will never go out of style. It is a must-have staple for anyone that believes in the spiritual power of the evil eye.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets are nice but mix it up with our Halo Diamond Bracelet

The Drops of Juniper is a perfect piece for any layered look. Pair it with a tennis bracelet you already have or wear it every day for a little added sparkle at the office.

Stackable Rings are here to stay! Here are our Favorite Rings that can be worn separately across multiple fingers, or stacked all together: The Criss Cross, Rockstud, and Flawless!

You’ll feel good about this purchase every day when you look down at your hand. There are no rules to how you should wear your jewelry. Wear your rings on your desired fingers or stack multiple rings together on one. Jewelry is a fun way to express yourself. Mix and match metal colors and styles to create your own unique look.

No Jewelry Collection can be complete without Necklaces!

A Classic Bezel Station Necklace

Diamonds by the yard necklaces are an easy staple for any jewelry lover. It sparkles on its own of adds the perfect accent to simple plain gold chains.

Solitaire Diamond Pendants!

Our solitaire diamond necklaces are upgradable like our diamond studs. These pieces are classic, simple, timeless, and elegant. Who doesn’t love the appearance of these everyday staples? You’re never overdressed or underdressed when you put on one of these classic pendants.

Happy Holiday!

We at Steven Singer hope this guide helps you keep your jewelry collection refreshed as you treat yourself this holiday season. If you have any questions we are always here to help! You can schedule an appointment with one of our Expert Jewelers to shop in-store or reach us at (215) 627-3242!


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