What is more romantic than a proposal in Italy? Steven Singer’s very own Landus did just that by giving an unforgettable proposal to his now fiance Giada in Italy. Planning every detail, he knew it had to be intimate, personalized and of course perfect. When the time finally came, Giada no doubt said YES!

Landus began working at Steven Singer Jewelers in the beginning of 2018. Like most he knew nothing about jewelry. Needless to say, he began learning and becoming more interested in diamonds. Because he was in love not long after he was ready to start the looking for the perfect engagement ring. The process was easy! He sat down with one of Steven’s expert jewelers teach him all about “Diamonds 101”. Getting an education about diamonds made him feel more confident in making the right decision.

Starting to think about what kind of ring she wanted, he began to take notice on her jewelry taste and concluded that she loved the vintage look. He was on the search for the perfect vintage engagement ring to fit within his budget. After a few weeks of investigating what she might like and asking the expert advice of my coworkers, he found the perfect ring. The next step was deciding when and where he was going to propose? With a trip already planned to Italy to meet his future in-laws he figured that was the ideal time to propose.

With that being said, he was ready to propose. His other half is a private person, so he knew it had to be intimate. He wanted to do something different so he got a personalized “proposal box”. After two months of stressing, he had everything planned.

That moment finally came. How he remained calm is still a mystery, but he handed her the proposal box, and by the time she unfolded it he was down on one knee presenting the ring. Needless to, she said “yes” and told him that he had done a great job. With all the hard work and planning, he finally got the queen of his dreams.


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