Jeweler Bob Hamburger

Jewelry is a part of me. I truly love what I do, the people I have met, and the relationships I have built. - Bob

Bob Hamburger is the longest employee and jeweler for Steven Singer Jewelers. With over 3 decades of experience in the jewelry industry, he has helped over thousands of customers through the engagement ring process and every occasion in between. Bob really is an expert when it comes to all things diamonds and relationships.

Bob is New York-bred; born in Brooklyn and raised in Rockaway Beach raised. But now New Jersey is where he calls home and commutes to our flagship store in Philadelphia. Bob has been married for many years and loves spending time with his family, which includes a grandson and a brand new granddaughter! When he isn’t making his family laugh, he is making his friends and customers beam! It might not always be sunny in Philadelphia but Bob’s personality shines! His love of family has really inspired his interest in creating and praising lasting moments.

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GOOGLE REVIEW ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I would highly recommend shopping at Steven Singer. I worked with Bob to pick out my wife's engagement ring. Both the ring and the shopping experience were fantastic. He was extremely easy to work with and made the process enjoyable. We went back to Bob when it came time to buy wedding rings and again it was an easy and stress-free experience. The staff is wonderful and they really do care about finding the best piece of jewelry for you." - Jeff Landy

Before getting into the jewelry business, he worked in an apartment rental office. However, there was not a lot of excitement going on there as you may imagine, so he decided to pivot into a new field. In 1977, Bob started working for his neighbor’s colored stone’s business and then began to work for another family friend as a diamond cutter. He didn’t stop there! He became a shop runner which lead into a full-time jeweler position. Now Bob has been hating Steven Singer for more than 30 years! As time goes on, he falls more and more in love with the moments that jewelry creates.

Through hard work and a passion for the jewelry business, Bob has become very familiar with the craft. From the initial concept of your ring or pendant to the creation and hand-off with the customer, Bob knows what’s going on and has worked in those positions. Just like he loves creating memories for himself and his family, he loves to be a part of his customer’s most precious moments. This passion has fueled his desire to focus on the customers wants and to cherish their memories.

For a jeweler who truly puts people first, call or stop by today to make an appointment with Bob Hamburger. If you would like to reach out to Bob, he is always there to help. Stop into the Other Corner of 8th and Walnut in Philly, Email: or Phone: 215-627-3242 (tel:2156273242) ext: 313. You may still hate Steven Singer but you will love Bob!


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