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When you feel like quitting, remember why you started in the first place.

Deana Burns Dutton has 17-years of experience as a jeweler at Steven Singer Jewelers. She is an expert in diamonds, design, and style trends. Easily distracted by anything that “spahkles”, Deana is the definition of jewelry.

Deana is a tried-and-true New Englander, who has “pahked her cah in Hahvad yahd”. She uses adjectives like “wicked” to describe cool people, places, and things. And she could eat “chowda” every day. Even though Rhode Island is her home, she moved to the Windy City for college to graduate from DePaul University in Chicago Illinois, with a B.A. in Communications. Hence, the gift of gab.

Honestly, jewelry gives me life!

She moved to Philadelphia and married a banker and military man with a heart of gold and the kindest spirit to match. Deana has worked in television, education, public policy, and non-profit management. She soon found a job and home, in sales and design at Steven Singer Jewelers. Her passion for jewelry is now an everyday reality.

You may already be familiar with Deana as she is the star of “Drinks and Diamonds with Deana”, a weekly segment on I Hate Steven Singer Facebook page. There she showcases and talks about top trends, jewelry terminology, answers questions, and takes you on tours around the store and showroom. Tune in every Wednesday to enjoy some Drinks and Diamonds with Deana and gain jewelry knowledge and entertainment.

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My fiancé and I had a great experience with Deana. She really made us feel at ease picking out our wedding bands. She went above and beyond for us! Everyone at Steven Singer was so friendly and helpful. Plus you get cookies while you wait. I highly recommend Steven Singer and Deana! - Joe & Jess

Deana lives in a world of luxury. You will always find her drenched in diamonds and her nails glamorously done with Swarovski crystals. Alongside her extravagant wardrobe of jewelry, she also has an extensive Faberge Egg collection. Always dreaming big, she hopes to one day visit the Crown Jewels in England and share pineapple martinis with Oprah. She enjoys collecting seashells by the seashore and can’t help but smile when she sees pumpkins.

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Deana is one of the most memorable people you will ever meet. Her experience, love, and knowledge of jewelry set her apart and you will instantly be amazed. There is no doubt you won’t love Deana but we can guarantee you will still hate Steven Singer. Meet Deana in person at the Other Corner of 8th and Walnut in Philadelphia, call 215-627-3242 ext 327 (tel:2156273242), email her personally at or follow her on Instagram @DiamondswithDeana.


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