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The people are what I love most about my job.

Jeweler Greg Pille has been with Steven Singer Jewelers for 14 years and has five decades of experience in the jewelry industry. As a retired volunteer firefighter and jewelry store manager, Greg has been helping people his whole life. From saving lives to saving relationships, he has been through it all.

Growing up collecting rocks and gemstones, jewelry has always been a passion of his. Being able to share that passion with others is his favorite part of his job. Greg is extremely knowledgeable on all things diamonds and throughout his decades of experience, has worked for appraisers, jewelry repair shops and other jewelry stores. His wide range of skills make him a valuable asset to the Steven Singer family.

The story behind how Greg got his first job in the jewelry industry is quite random. After purchasing a diamond bracelet for his girlfriend at the time, the jewelry store owner later reached out. Only meeting once, he remembered Greg and thought he would be the perfect person to run the store. Of course, there was initial hesitation, but Greg knew this was exactly what he wanted to do… jewelry. Who knew buying a diamond bracelet would lead him into the jewelry world?!

jeweler greg pille with happy customers

A job wasn’t the only good thing that came from that bracelet. The bracelet recipient and his girlfriend is now his wife of 44 years. Happily married, he and his wife share two beautiful daughters together and have four grandchildren. The only thing Greg loves more than jewels is his family.

greg with daughters

jeweler greg with steven singer

Greg’s love for treasures isn’t just for the jewelry itself. It’s the people! When a guy comes in to purchase an engagement ring, then wedding bands and later to celebrate their first baby and anniversaries, that is what makes this business worth it. It’s not just about selling, it’s the reason behind the pieces that is so meaningful. Jewelry is all about the relationships built and celebrating life moments. That is why he loves coming to work every day.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Greg is fantastic. He helped with engagement/wedding rings and gifts beyond. I enjoy coming to see him every time I'm in the store and he makes shopping a breeze. I wouldn't want to buy from anyone else. Greg is the best! - Chris Mari

Greg was a volunteer firefighter for 30 years and served as the Chief Firefighter for 4 years. He loves helping people especially in times of need and will always there for anything. If you would like to reach out to Greg, he is always there to help. Stop into the Other Corner of 8th and Walnut in Philly, Email: or Phone: 215-627-3242 (tel:2156273242) ext: 391. You may still hate Steven Singer but you will love Greg!


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