Jeweler Mandy

Watching couples grow on their journey from engagement to marriage is what I love most about being a jeweler. - Mandy

Mandy has been a jeweler at Steven Singer Jewelers for 13 years and enjoys every bit of it. From answering all of your diamond questions to clearing up any misconceptions you might have, she is a specialist in all things diamonds. We love our jeweler Mandy!

Her journey into the jewelry industry began with Steven Singer Jewelers. She never thought in a million years that she’d become a jeweler, but her love for trinkets drove her to this career, and she notices every day how her love and knowledge is growing. What she loves most about the jewelry industry is the ability to watch a couple grow on their journey from engagement to marriage. From the first day a client walks into the store, Mandy makes it her priority to get to know them. She enjoys teaching her clients about diamonds during her Diamonds 101 and answering any questions or clearing up misconceptions. Being able to guide someone in the right direction when it comes to a life-changing event is one of the best feelings. It goes from selling love to watching a couple grow together with their family.

Jeweler Mandy with child

The best thing is when clients come back in with their children. Working in this business there are many memorable days, but her most memorable day was the day that Steven announced to the entire store that she was pregnant. Of course, at the time, she was already 22 weeks pregnant.

GOOGLE REVIEW ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ "I bought my fiance's engagement ring here and it turned out gorgeous! All of the employees were extremely helpful, and I worked with Mandy who went above and beyond to take great care of me. As a guy, trying to hide something from his girlfriend can be a dangerous game, but Mandy was very flexible and patient with my schedule and worked with me discretely for weeks to find the right diamond. The ring turned out perfect, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. 10/10 would recommend Steven Singer to everyone!" - Chase Haberstroh

Jeweler Mandy with SSJ crew

Mandy is originally from the mid-west, St. Louis to be exact. She is happily married with a beautiful daughter. She decided to make her way over to Philadelphia about 10 years ago. Philly was definitely a change of scenery for her, but she learned to adapt. After learning the area, she’s learned to love the convenience of the city. She loves the fact that it’s close to other major cities and of course the beaches. Over the past few years, Mandy has been learning to master the working mother life, she’s getting the hang of it. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and overall just having a good time.

If you would like to reach out to our jeweler Mandy, she is always there to help. Stop into the Other Corner of 8th and Walnut in Philly, Email: or Phone: 215-627-3242 (tel:2156273242) ext: 405. You may still hate Steven Singer but you will love Mandy!


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