Been Hating Steven for 5 years

Ashley C. has been in the jewelry industry for over 7 years. From continuing her diamond education to educating her customers, sharing her knowledge to help others is what she loves most about her job.

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Been Hating Steven for 28 Years

Bob is the longest employee and jeweler at Steven Singer Jewelers. With over three decades of experience in the jewelry industry, Bob really is an expert when it comes to all things diamonds and jewelry.

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Been Hating Steven for 17 Years

Deana is a 17-year experienced jeweler at Steven Singer Jewelers. She is an expert in diamonds, design, and style trends. Easily distracted by anything that “spahkles”, Deana is the definition of jewelry.

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Been Hating Steven for over 15 Years

Meet Gmerice , also known as Gigi. For those who have met Gigi, you already know she is one to remember. Her positive energy will leave a long and lasting impression and when it comes to personality, she takes home the trophy.

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Been Hating Steven for 14 Years

Greg has been in the jewelry industry for over 47 years. As a retired volunteer firefighter and jewelry store manager, Greg has been helping people his whole life. From saving lives to saving relationships, he has been there through it all.

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Been Hating Steven for 4 Years

Logan is the newest jeweler to join the Steven Singer family. Even though he has only been a part of the jewelry industry for four years, you would think he’s been a part of the luxury business his whole life. Logan is very eager to learn new things and is passionate about helping others.

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Been Hating Steven for 13 Years

Mandy has been a jeweler at Steven Singer Jewelers for over 13 years and enjoys every bit of it. From answering all diamond questions to clearing up any misconceptions, she is a specialist in all things diamonds.

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Been Hating Steven for 12 Years

Stephanie has been with Steven Singer Jewelers for over a decade and has expanded her knowledge exponentially. She truly is passionate about helping customers pick the perfect piece of bling to add to their jewelry box. From promise rings to anniversary gifts, Stephanie is an expert at it all.

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