Looking for the ultimate push present to give to your wife, girlfriend, or partner? She is about to bestow to you the greatest gift one human being can possibly give to another. Yes, that's right, a brand-new bouncing baby boy or girl! After nine months of weight gain, mood swings and hours of labor pains, doesn't she deserve a beautiful token of appreciation? Well, we think so too! At Steven Singer Jewelers, we have just the right gifts to help commemorate this incredibly special occasion. Push presents ranging from the practical to the extraordinarily lavish. You decide!

Jewelry, hands down, makes the perfect push present. It is a wonderful way to make a new mom feel loved and appreciated and celebrate the arrival of a little one. Jewelry is sentimental and these items below will be worn and treasured for years to come. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


A baby box all packaged together is a great way to welcome a new baby. You can either choose to make your own or buy one already boxed up. Some might include diapers, blankets, onesies, and other key essentials. Steven Singer Jewelers has a little bundle of jewelry to welcome that little bundle of joy with a diamond necklace, a 24karat gold dipped rose and of course a cute I Hate Steven Singer onesie. No matter what you decide to include, the expecting mother is going to love the baby box.


Get her a gift that will show your love for her grows everyday. With Steven's Lifetime Full Value Trade-In benefit, you will receive 100% of the original purchase price of the diamond studs earrings towards your next upgrade so you never loose value in your diamonds studs. This is the number one gift that women want! Sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to diamond studs.


This stunning diamond necklace is available in 1-8 diamonds to represents all the children in her life. So if this is her first baby or fourth, this necklace is ideal for all moms and can be worn close to her heart every single day. It's no surprise this is a top seller especially for moms. She won't only feel like royalty, she will feel like a queen in this necklace.


If you're looking to give her a gift that can be treasured for more than one lifetime? A diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect gift that can be passed down to generations. Not only will she look down at her wrist everyday and think of you and what the bracelet represents, this statement piece can represent your love for each other for years to come.


Stack up a story by adding a stackable band to welcome the new bundle of joy. What better way to celebrate another a life moment than with diamonds. You can also add a rose gold band to welcome a new baby girl, or add blue sapphires to the ring for symbolize a boy. Whichever you prefer, there's a stackable band for you.


Steven created this gorgeous necklace with a secret message, I love you to the moon and back engraved on the other side so she can wear close to her heart.


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