Landus & Giada's Proposal Story

That moment finally came. How he remained calm is still a mystery, but he handed her the proposal box, and by the time she unfolded it he was down on one knee presenting the ring. Needless to, she said “yes” and told him that he had done a great job. With all the hard work and planning, he finally got the queen of his dreams.

Ashe & Shane's Proposal Story

They both could not have been happier with the proposal and the ring. It meant so much to Ashe that Shane took the time to work with a jeweler to custom make it special for her. Everything was just so perfect!

Andrea & Matthew's Proposal Story

A proposal is something girl dreams about her whole life. How is he going to ask? Where is it going to happen? What is the ring going to look like? With all these things racing through your mind, when that moment actually came, it exceeded anything Andrea could have ever dreamed of. Her engagement was perfect.