Simple Proposal Guide for New Year’s Eve

Here is your Guide to the Perfect Engagement Proposal this New Year’s Eve

Step One: Shop Diamond Engagement Rings!

Simple Proposal Guide for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the most popular time to get engaged. Couples want to welcome in the new year writing a new chapter together.  

Ideally you want to purchase the engagement ring at least 4-weeks in advance, especially when accounting for the extra hold-ups the Holiday shopping season can bring. Customized pieces take longer, about 5-6 weeks. We here at Steven Singer Jewelers also carry a Ready-For-Love collection featuring engagement rings all set up and ready to go same day! We are committed to making your proposal as perfect as possible! 

Simple Proposal Guide for New Year’s Eve

How to know you are picking the right ring? 

Step Two: Don’t Forget About Insurance! 

It is easy in all the chaos of getting engaged to forget about the little things. Insurance gives you the peace-of-mind as you store the ring in different hiding spots. Anything can happen to such a small object, and you want to make sure it is safe. 

Step Three: Once you have the ring you want to get to planning! 

The proposal itself is a reflection on you both as a couple. It is a memory you both will carry with you throughout your time together. Remember proposals don’t have to be expensive to be memorable and special.  

Pick a Place: 

Coordinate with friends or family. It is important to know where you will be on New Year’s Eve. It also helps to have familial support to add that extra special touch!  

Consider Hiring a Pro: 

If you want to go big you can contract a company to coordinate everything for you. This will help you feel relaxed going into the big moment. These companies can also help you plan a post engagement party in celebration. 

Just the Two of You: 

Make it a quiet evening for two. Order take-out from your favorite restaurant. We don’t recommend hiding the ring in the food but popping the question over candlelight as the ball drops will be something your Partner will never forget! 

Once you have the setting... 

Step Four: Make it Personal! 

If it’s just the two of you, or a room full of people it is important to have what you want to say down. Of course, you want to ask: “Will you marry me?” BUT put a personal spin on it by adding some extra words. You take your time over the weeks leading up to the proposal. It is important to have a plan to keep from getting tongue-tied.  

Step Five: Hire a Photographer! 

Professional or just a family member with an iPhone, you want to make sure you capture this special moment. Afterall you only get engaged once as a couple. You can frame this photo-op next to your wedding photo! 


Remember it is important to not rush your Significant other! 

You may have the fantasy of them quickly shouting ‘Yes!’ BUT a lot of people need the space to react. Be prepared to give them a moment to cry or just pause. This doesn’t mean they are saying ‘No.’ It just means they need a second. This moment is special and can be overwhelming.  

We at Steven Singer wish you and your Significant Other all the Joy and Happiness! We hope this Guide helps you better prepare for the big moment! 


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