Steven Singer makes holiday shopping so easy with his top jewelry gift guide. Real diamond jewelry from a real jeweler you can trust. Plus, Steven Singer Jewelers has the best guarantee in the business. A full 100 day, 100% money back guarantee with fast and free shipping both ways. No risk shopping! That must be why all other jewelers in America hate him.

Diamonds are music to any girl’s ears, especially for the holidays. Don’t worry, you don’t have to belt out a love song, this necklace will serenade for you. Bring up the tempo and orchestrate an unbeatable Christmas gift with our Love Note Diamond Necklace.

Take her for a whirl by gifting these gorgeous drop earrings. The swirl design and diamonds that move while she moves creating extra sparkle! Dress them up or down, this delicate drop is the perfect length for any occasion.

Classic is in the name for a reason. This necklace is another timeless piece of jewelry. Diamonds are evenly spaced on a 14 karat gold chain to give the perfect amount of sparkle. Add a pendant for a look that wow’s, layer with other necklaces, or worn beautifully wear it by itself. This is a sure to win gift that she sure will wear!

They’ll consider you a gallant gift-giver after you present them with this amazing bangle bracelet! Each diamond is individually set with a textured metal detail in between. This bracelet is crafted for everyday wear from a blend of gold and titanium. Just like any bangle, it looks great layered with other bracelets or lovely by itself.

Lock in a great gift this Christmas with this stunning ring! Made for any finger, this design intertwines two hearts together to symbolize love. She will not only love this ring, but she will love showing it off! An every day reminder of just how much she’s loved. Tis’ the season for love.

There’s no better way to show your love is endless than with a necklace that has 15 diamond hearts set in an infinite circle. Get it in their favorite metal color – white, yellow, or rose. They won’t be able to resist showing this amazing diamond gift off to all their friends!

Your loved one deserves the royal treatment! This trendy bracelet has real black diamonds that are just magnificent. Layer it with other bracelets or wear it alone, either way, this bracelet is fit for royalty.

Classic gold hoops are hot right now and these hoops are fire! The high polish finish shines, making them the perfect earring to wear everyday. Guaranteed to be their new favorite piece of jewelry.

Holidays can be a little bit of a cluster, so why not add diamonds into the mix? Diamonds are expertly set together in an intricate cluster to create this spectacular and sparkling necklace. This gift will halt the chaos and capture the moment that makes holiday giftgiving so special.

Looking for a fashion ring to up their sparkle factor this Christmas? This ring will do the trick! Stunning diamonds and 14 karat white gold are crafted together to create this fabulous ring. Holiday shopping done! Wasn’t that easy?

Diamond stud earrings are on everyone’s “MUST HAVE” list, and all of Steven’s studs are eligible for our Lifetime Upgrade Program. That means, you get exactly what you paid for your original earrings when you upgrade them to a larger pair. Diamond studs are not just a great gift for Christmas, but a gift that keeps on giving for many years to come.


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