What are Black Diamonds?

When we think of diamonds, we typically think of bright white and glitzy stones made to shine. Diamonds also come in a variety of different colors such as blue, yellow, pink, and even black. But there is one thing all diamonds have in common... sparkle! Black diamonds, when cut properly, are no exception to this label. While they don’t have as much razzle-dazzle as a traditional diamond, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a little shine!

Why Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are real genuine diamonds that will last forever. These rare diamonds create a unique and edgy look, perfect for a fashion piece or a great way to spice up a classic style. These diamonds are the perfect addition to your everyday jewelry wardrobe.
They are the most durable and toughest form of a natural diamond. Though, like any piece of jewelry, we still recommend taking off your black diamond jewelry when sleeping, showering, working out, or doing anything heavy with your hands.

How are they made?

It is suspected that black diamonds have their origins in space; a meteor crashed into Earth millions of years ago. Also known as carbonado, these stones are impure, high-density diamonds formed from graphite and carbon. They are found primarily in the Central African Republic and Brazil. Their natural color is black or dark grey, and they are more porous than other diamonds.

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