Ring Jackets are exactly how they sound - they are typically made from two bands soldered at the bottom to fit around an engagement ring. Ring Jackets are also referred to as ring enhancers, as they add the perfect amount of sparkle to any set.

Ring Jackets are great for anyone who wants an easy way to dress up their classic solitaire engagement ring. They can also be worn with many other styles of rings.

You can make almost any ring into a jacket! All you need are two bands linked together with a bar in between. Unlike stackable bands, jackets are attached and designed to fit snugly around the center ring. They can reduce friction and spinning, as well as make the fit more comfortable! It is an effortless way to enhance any style.

A Note About Sizing: The more rings you wear on one finger, the more snug it will feel. Your jeweler will work with you to size you appropriately, as you may need to go up in size to get that perfect fit.

What is a Stackable Band? 

Here are some of my favorite ways to style ring jackets:  

Build A Stack!

A ring jacket is the easiest way to achieve the stackable trend by adding a singular band to the set. This is nice for people who already own a ring jacket and want to get in on the new craze. It saves you from having to buy three of four additional bands.

Style with a Wedding Band!

I find that people often don't consider the full range of styles ring jackets can offer. A lot of my clients with solitaire bands gravitate towards this style for added sparkle, but you can do a lot with them.

The center ring doesn’t have to be an engagement ring. One of my favorite ways to style them is with a diamond band in the middle, as you can place any ring in the center of a jacket. This will fit flush along the finger and is a fun way to add a pop of sparkle to a classic straight band. You can be creative by adding two curved rings on either side, creating an open design. Or even add another straight ring with a curved band on the other side for a more unique look.

I had a customer who wore a 6 carat halo engagement ring with a black diamond center stone. The center was so large that it overshadowed traditional wedding bands. So, we made a classic style jacket in rose gold with a black diamond band in the center for her other hand. Jackets can be worn on the right hand or another finger.

Pictured here is another custom Rose Gold and Black Diamond Piece I did for a client recently. This is an example of how the head section sits too low to the finger. The size of the head section is also too wide to accommodate a wedding band. On the other hand we have a complimenting ring jacket with a wedding band sitting inside.

Style with a Classic Solitaire!

Styling ring jackets with a solitaire engagement ring is the most classic and common way. Just like with earring jackets, it is a way to add some sparkle to a simple look. You don’t have to wear the jacket every day. It can be worn for special occasions or nights out. Versatility is what makes jackets so desirable.

Makes a Great Gift!

They make a nice anniversary gift, especially if she doesn’t wear her engagement ring often. Some people, after a certain period, only wear their wedding band. Gifting a ring jacket is a simple way to refresh the look of her engagement ring so that they'll want to wear it every day. Who doesn’t love a little added bling?

Comes in so many different options!

When people think of ring jackets, they often only consider the mirrored look, which is two of the same rings on either side, but there are more modern alternatives. One style is the mix and matched jacket. We offer a large variety of styles from curved bands to "V" band fashions.

Always here to help! 

For any questions about Ring Jackets or anything else jewelry related, my name is Gigi and I’m one of the Expert Jewelers at Steven Singer Jewelers and would love to help you. Reach out to me personally at gigi@stevensingerjewelers.com or call 215-627-3242 extension 315. I’m always here to help!   

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