The latest craze to take the jewelry industry by storm is stackable bands. They are also known as stack rings. Stackable bands are when you layer and wear multiple rings together. This is a classic trend that is here to stay and are an exciting way to celebrate life’s moments. Create your own unique look that reflects your personality and style.

There are no rules when stacking rings. Some ladies prefer bands of similar shape and symmetry while others may like a non-traditional eclectic style. The popularity of stackable bands instantly allows anyone to become a fashion designer and tell their own story through jewelry.

Personalize Your Look

Let’s discuss the various ways to personalize your dream stack. First, decide what desired look you want to achieve. Do you want it to be more uniformed? If so, select a theme of rings with similar thinness, detail, diamond or gem size and metal color. For example, if you are a bride and your grandmother gifted you her wedding band, you might want to choose a vintage style band with milgrain details or etching to complement her heirloom band. Now you’ve created an antique bridal set theme.

Close up picture showing detail of four stackable bands
Six stackable diamond bands tilted in a line

However, if your fashion taste leans more towards a modern style you might consider mixing metal types like high polish yellow, white and rose gold. You can also alternate between twisted and straight-line bands. Ta-dah you’ve just created a sleek contemporary theme.

Tell a Story with Stackable Bands

Stackable bands are a sentimental way for you to tell your life story. For instance, stack rings make a wonderful push present gift by incorporating the birthstone of your child. Let’s say your son is born in September, a sapphire ring is a lovely way to commemorate his birth. Also, stackable rings are perfect anniversary gifts. Your spouse can celebrate your anniversary by presenting a new stack ring to layer with your existing wedding set. Remember though, you don’t need a special occasion to add to your collection.

Just be mindful of the first band you purchase because it will set the foundation for your stackable band theme. Some like to wear odd numbers like three or five because they feel it is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Similar to the interior design rule when decorating, items grouped in threes create a visual balance. You can achieve this look by placing a wider band in the middle flanked by two thin bands. Or add more with five dainty bands with different shapes styled together. The combinations are endless! You are only limited by your imagination. So, decorate your fingers however you’d like.

Halo engagement ring layered with three stackable rings

Stackable bands layered on a finger hold a coffee mug
A stackable band worn between two wedding rings
Stackable bands layered on a finger holding a pregnant belly

The fun thing about stackable rings is that you can wear them any way that you want. You can mix and match or alternate. So don’t be shy! Make an appointment with your jeweler and begin your gorgeous stackable band look that sparkles and speaks to your heart! Feel free to contact me personally, Deana, if you have any questions or need help starting your stack look.


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