A tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet typically made of precious metals and a single row of diamonds. It’s a classic jewelry staple that makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves sparkle!

How Did Tennis Bracelet Get Its Name?

Tennis bracelets were originally called line bracelets and eternity bracelets because of their similarity to eternity rings. The name change occurred in 1987 because of tennis legend Chris Evert.

It was during the 1987 U.S. Open when Evert misplaced her diamond bracelet. Frantic, she asked officials to stop the match to look for the missing bracelet. When reporters later inquired about what happened, Evert said she had dropped her “tennis bracelet.” This unforgettable incident drew public attention and because of Evert, the bracelet rose to a whole new level of popularity. Since then the diamond line/eternity bracelet has been renamed the tennis bracelet.

Four diamond tennis bracelets featured on lady's wrist

Makes for the Perfect Gift!

A tennis bracelet is on every woman’s jewelry wish list. Presenting a woman with this elegant item is a wonderful gift to commemorate any special occasion, such as a wedding day, anniversary, birthday, or holiday surprise. These bracelets are iconic and viewed as a classic and timeless fashion accessory.

Traditionally, tennis bracelets consist of a row or two of diamonds with the same shape, size, color, and clarity. These bracelets come in prong, channel, and bezel settings crafted from metals like sterling silver, platinum, and gold. If your taste tends to be more eclectic, there are styles that vary in diamond shape and design. They also tend to be more comfortable than bangles because of their flexibility. They can be worn every day, dressed up or down, as a staple in a woman’s jewelry wardrobe.

Top Tennis Bracelet Styles:
Classic Tennis BraceletMiracle Tennis BraceletMirage Tennis BraceletAntique Tennis Bracelet
How Should a Tennis Bracelet Fit?

When selecting your bracelet make sure it is flexible for ease of movement. It should hang with a slight drape over your wrist. To ensure the perfect fit you should be able to slip a finger between your bracelet and wrist. Always select a bracelet with a secure box clasp to ensure safety. Also, be mindful to have your jeweler inspect your tennis bracelet once a year for chipped diamonds, cracked prongs, and of course to have a professional cleaning.

We’re Always Here to Help!

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