Rose gold, sometimes referred to as pink gold or red gold, is a type of metal used to make jewelry. It is created by mixing the metals gold and copper. Rose gold has not only become popular in the jewelry world, but also as a trendy color for electronics, accessories, makeup, and more.

Why is Rose Gold Popular?

Besides the romantic name, rose gold is a top choice for jewelry because it’s the perfect metal for those who want a unique look or a trendy, personalized twist on a classic design.

The soft pink color pairs perfectly with other metals such as white and yellow gold, making for beautiful multi-colored designs. It is also a great addition to a layered necklace look, stackable bands styled together, or mixed in with your existing jewelry. It’s beauty and versatility are it’s two main draws.

Rose Gold Stackable Rings on Nail

Rose gold Oval diamond ring on the hand

rose gold

How is Rose Gold Made?

Gold in its natural state is bright yellow. Pure gold is known as 24karat gold. Most jewelry is not made with 24kt gold because it would be too soft to wear and is prone to bending. That is why gold is mixed with other alloys such as nickel and copper to make it stronger as well as change the color and appearance. For example, white gold is mixed with nickel to create a silver tone in the same way that rose gold is mixed with copper to give it that pink look.

Think of it as a simple math problem. If 24karat is pure gold, and a ring is 14karat gold, that means it is made of 14 karat gold mixed with 10 karats of another metal such as copper. In the case of 18 karat gold, you would mix 18karat gold with 6karats of other metals.

Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

Just like other gold jewelry, rose gold does not tarnish. Over time, the rose gold may darken because the copper in the blend will oxidize. Many people desire the darkening look of rose gold because it provides a more vintage look. 14kt -18kt rose gold is strong, durable, and perfect for everyday wear.

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If you have any questions about or need help picking out the perfect piece, please reach out to me personally, or any of the other jewelers. My name is Ashley and I am one of the Expert Jewelers at Steven Singer Jewelers. Just know I and the rest of my team are always here to help.

Classic rose gold pave style engagement ring

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