The main difference between natural and lab grown diamonds is how they are made. They are both made from the same element carbon but the way they are made are completely different. One is made by the earth millions and billions of years ago and one is massed produced by man.

Natural and lab grown diamonds look similar but when placed side-by-side, it’s hard to tell them apart. This can make the decision difficult between natural or lab grown diamonds. There are two major differences. Natural diamonds are created within the Earth over millions or billions of years making them extremely rare and valuable. Lab grown diamonds are man-made in mass, making them less rare and less valuable than natural diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are a controversial topic in the jewelry industry. They are advertised as a more eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to natural diamonds. However, there is no concrete answer on whether or not lab grown diamonds are actually more eco-friendly than natural diamonds. “Just How Eco-Friendly are Lab-Created Diamonds” explains, “…in some cases the lab-grown companies compare favorably; in others, they don’t… These are both energy-intensive processes. For now, the eco-energy claims are, as the FTC puts it, “difficult to substantiate.”

Because lab grown diamonds are mass produced in factories instead of being mined out of the ground, they can be a cheaper option than natural diamonds. Although lab grown diamonds are considered more affordable, there is something lab grown diamond manufacturers and retailers aren’t telling you: Lab grown diamonds don’t hold their value. That’s right! “Lab-grown diamond prices slide as De Beers fights back” explains that between May and September of 2018, the price of lab grown diamonds plummeted from $4200 a carat to $800 a carat, and the price is expected to continue to drop.

Natural Diamonds

On the other hand, a natural diamond does not depreciate that way. The price of natural diamonds can fluctuate over time, much like the cost of gold, but after the diamond investment boom in the ‘70s, the market stabilized. Since then, many people have purchased natural diamonds as an investment. But what makes them so valuable? Natural diamonds are created within the Earth and are mined and cut by expert craftsman. Because the conditions within the Earth must be perfect for a diamond to form, there is a limited amount of them available. Plus, each natural diamond is unique, and like snowflakes, no two diamonds are alike. The rarity of a gem quality diamond is a major factor that draws people towards natural diamonds.

Significance of Diamonds

Think about the significance of your favorite piece of diamond jewelry, or, better yet, your engagement ring. The diamond in an engagement ring represents the rarity and exclusivity of the couple’s love. In an article called ‘Synthetic Ethics’ by Martin Rapaport, there is a section that really hits home. “A man does not give an engagement ring to a woman just because it sparkles. He is giving her much more than the physical product. He is giving her his promise to be there for her, for the rest of her life”. An engagement ring becomes so much more than just a ring, it’s the symbol of the real, rare, and true, long-lasting love and investment for each other. The rare, and long-lasting qualities of natural diamonds mirror that.

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