At Steven Singer Jewelers, we're all about real natural diamonds! From engagement rings to tennis bracelets, to our most popular gift, diamond stud earrings!

What kind of diamond stud styles do we carry? 

We carry a variety of styles and sizes of diamond studs. Our signature and bestselling studs are our Anita and our Get Naked Collections, which have classic, round brilliant diamonds. Both collections are set in 14 karat gold, and come with silicon safety backs for a secure fit, but what’s the difference?  

The main difference between the two is the setting. Our Anita collection is set in four prongs where our Get Naked Collection is set in three. Prongs are what holds the diamond in place. Let’s go into more detail on the difference between the two. (Visual of four prong vs three prong – we already have this creative)  

Anita (I-Need-A) Stud Collection 

Our Anita Collection, which is set in four prongs, has three clarity tiers to choose from. Clarity is how clean or included a diamond is. Here is the GIA grading scale to refer to. Our Anita studs come in SI3, SI2 and SI1. Think of it as good (SI3), better (SI2) and best (SI1). SI means “slightly included”. All our Anita studs are also H/I in color, meaning they are nearly colorless. No matter which clarity you choose, these studs are clean to the eye and bright white with tons of sparkle! We guarantee you’ll love them.    

When you think of diamond studs, your mind goes to a classic round diamond set in four prongs, and that is our Anita Studs. Whether you prefer three or four prongs is totally a matter of personal preference! No matter which you choose, both are secure and safe for everyday wear.  

Get Naked Collection  

Our Get Naked collection is set in a three-prong style. This setting is also referred to as a martini setting, as it mimics the shape of a martini glass. A three-prong setting has less metal therefore shows off more of the diamond and makes the diamond appear larger in the ear.  

The quality of our Get Naked Studs is top notch as well, with a step up in color compared to our Anita. They are all graded I in clarity, and are not tiered like our Anita Collection. Yes, they are also a classic round brilliant cut! At Steven Singer we want all our diamonds to sparkle as much as possible! 

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A perk that comes with buying our studs is both collections are part of our life-time trade in program! 

It's tempting to get 1 carat studs right away, but sometimes making that leap can be a big decision! Don't worry, Steven's Lifetime Upgrade Program allows you to start off with any sized pair and upgrade over time. Your original studs will retain their full value, which will be applied to your purchase of a larger pair of studs. You can read our full upgrade policy here!

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