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Yellow gold jewelry, once again, is eclipsing white gold in popularity. White gold wasn’t widely available until the 1910s when jewelers discovered how to add certain alloys to the gold to make it whiter. Gold is naturally yellow. Jewelry prior to the 1910s that was set in a yellow metal would have been yellow gold, and if the metal was white, it would have been silver. 

While white gold has been particularly popular in bridal jewelry over the last decade, yellow gold is the most classic. This just goes to show that you shouldn’t get rid of your jewelry. Trends always cycle through and you can’t go wrong with such a classic color.  

Yellow gold happens to be my favorite. I have a love for thin yellow gold stackable bands worn across several different fingers. 

One piece to add to any ring collection is a simple plain band. As I mentioned, I personally love thinner pieces, but we carry plain yellow gold bands in a variety of millimeter widths. 

I like a simple look, so I would pair it with another band with a muted design. Two I like right now are the studded and beaded bands. Both are thin at 2 millimeters and look fabulous to create a chucky look. Chucky gold band are on trend, but building a stack that can be worn all together to create an on trend look or sperate for when the trend phases out, means you’ll always be up to date on what’s in style. Simple everyday staples can help update any jewelry collection.  

Layered necklaces are seeing a resurgence. I put together my favorite pieces that are simple classics for every day. These pieces are timeless and will never go out of fashion. They can be worn together or apart depending on the style of the moment.  

Paper clip chains have been around since the Victorian Era. They experience a big boom in the 1980s and are back again.  

Build a solid base to any combination of layered chains with a mirror link piece. They usually have a high polished finish, so they look great to showcase more elaborate pieces or be worn on their own.  

A Bar necklace is an easy way to add dimension to any look. I love bars with a little extra sparkle.  

You can also never go wrong with a classic flat curb link chain. The flattened chain lays flush against your neckline making it easier to layer.  

Add a pair of yellow gold earrings to your jewelry collection. I personally like earrings that sit close to the ear lob. Nothing overly large. Just simple and classic.  

Complete the look by including a pair of diamond studs. Nothing is more timeless.  

You can pair your diamond studs with huggies, which are small hoops. My fellow expert jeweler Stephanie is obsessed with a simple ribbed gold pair of huggies that look perfect with everything.  

It seems gold hoops will never go out of fashion. A variety of styles in all shapes and sizes, from thick and chunky to super slim and elegant, hoops are the perfect piece to dress up any look. Whatever your taste is, there is a hoop for you! 

My favorite is a thicker medium sized hoop.  

yellow gold earrings

If you’re looking for more huggie recommendations, you can check out her piece on her favorite huggie styles: read about huggies. 

The resurgence of yellow gold is here to stay. Yellow gold never really goes out of style. I always recommend having a few yellow gold pieces in your collection. I hope this guide helps you start off or add to your jewelry wardrobe.  

If you have any questions or need help picking out the perfect piece, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help with any of your jewelry needs! My name is Ashley and I am one of the Expert Jewelers at Steven Singer Jewelers. Just know, I and the rest of my team are always here to help! 


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